Snatched (Jacob Perez Love Story)

Snatched (Jacob Perez Love Story)

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♡Kay♡ By afroprince Updated 6 days ago

I lay on my my bed in complete darkness. Ugh! I hate when my mom goes out of the country for business trips. She takes forever to get back and if I'm lucky she'll call.

I close my eyes in attempt to fall asleep but I didn't. It was pouring outside. Ugh! I hate when it rains!!
I hear something open and close. It sounded like the front door. 'I'm pretty sure I locked it' I think to myself.

I hear foot steps downstairs. What the fuck. I grab my phone and put it on vibrate. I walk to my bathroom slowly opening the door. I step into the shower hiding behind my black shower curtains.

I hear someone enter my room. I butt dialed my mom and send out a text to everyone saying that someone is In the house and they should come get me.... No one replied. I understand its 2:40 a.m but shit. Y'all are heavy sleepers.

I heard my closet door open. I now know what this person is looking for, he or she is looking for...Me. Slowly the bathroom door opens and I literally started to hold my breath. Than...

SillyMisfit SillyMisfit Oct 29
You have your phone in your hand but don't call the police ? 😐 Stupid
oaklandcity oaklandcity Oct 04
Lol ....yea right take them chains off you want to .....😊
oaklandcity oaklandcity Oct 04
I would have hide my small ass in the cabinets under the sink😂😂😂😂
Yellhoes Yellhoes Sep 21
Girl you smart, cause in other books the characters always leave their phone on ring and out of the blue somebody call