Bullets & Bandages

Bullets & Bandages

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Vanessa By vanessapiccolo Updated Aug 14, 2016

I fell silent again. He was right. It was so stupid of me to not make sure she took the pill. It was simple, really. I let my emotions cloud my judgement and that mistake was going to get me killed. Probably my brother too. 

"How do I fix this?" I asked quietly. 

"Fuck if I know. God, I wish you wouldn't have done this. You know what, I have Nikki to take care of right now. I'll deal with your shit later."

I hated that he was mad at me. I knew it was my own damn fault, but I still hated it. 

I led him back through a maze of hallways to wait outside of the X-ray room. He wasn't speaking to me and the tension he carried was visible. We bickered constantly, but we never full on fought. My arrangement with Giovanni had been perfect. Great sex and no strings attached. Now things were messy.

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