Pokemon Truth or Dare

Pokemon Truth or Dare

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lolhellojk By lolhellojk Updated Oct 03

Join Jk and Poke friends in a magical room where there is chaos! Guests and Hosts come join the wonderful chaos! You will determine what these fellow friends will do! Will you comment down a truth or a dare?! It is in your hands!! Good luck! Let's begin!!!

(All of this is fictional and don't take anything personal to heart on how I write your character if you are to join)

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the Poképeeps

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4EverAshSerena 4EverAshSerena Apr 10, 2017
I Dare Ash and Serena to get married😍😍😍😍😍😍 Amourshipping for life!!
Ya_boi_Mysterion Ya_boi_Mysterion Apr 08, 2017
I left when u had 1: no Misty 2: No Bonnie 3: no Max 4: no Clemont and 4: Amourshipping
4EverAshSerena 4EverAshSerena Apr 10, 2017
MagicGazelle133 MagicGazelle133 Dec 05, 2016
can i join? im happy to help just call me Magic or Georgi x ;3
outyIvyPichu outyIvyPichu Oct 07, 2016
WOO MY FAV SHIPS can I join my name is Ivy my fav pokes are meloetta pichu and sylveon and I luv friends and jokes and wanna make ikari happen :3 *pushes dawn and Paul's heads together * NOW KISS
Zen_Xs Zen_Xs Apr 02, 2016
How does u know John Cena my favorite Wrestle? Umm I didn't told anyone