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ask draco ☞ ask book

ask draco ☞ ask book

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♚ cassidy ♚ By misguidedmalfoy Updated Jan 06

I'm pretty sure the title is quite self explanatory...

Ultimate_Metalhead Ultimate_Metalhead May 28, 2016
Eh...what would you do if you had to spend a whole day locked in a room full of Gryffindors ? (Including the twins XD)
Remus-J-Lupin Remus-J-Lupin May 25, 2016
What do you think of my teaching? Were you secretly impressed?
Italy__Hetalia Italy__Hetalia Dec 13, 2016
Hi Draco! ^^ I've just been curious, what's your favorite thing (things) about Harry?
astrokath astrokath Mar 31, 2016
Why do people keep shipping us? Like, people want us to date.
SlytherinMalfoy2 SlytherinMalfoy2 Aug 06, 2016
                              So, father, did you expect me to get into Slytherin? Be honest, even dad thinks I would have been a ravenclaw... 
                              Also, do you like Hermione and Ron? Dad seems to be really close to them, but I don't see anything that great about them.
slowgold slowgold Mar 25, 2016
Pigfarts or Hogwarts? I you don't choose Hogwart -,- I swear