Enemies With Benefits

Enemies With Benefits

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Cricket By XxCricketTheNinjaXx Updated Aug 18, 2013

Danielle Tyler had been best friends with Victoria Wentworth since what some would consider forever. They were inseparable and kept nothing from each other. Danielle Tyler had been enemies with Jackson Wentworth since she became best friends with his little sister and the two were forced to meet. It all started one day in the Wentworth's backyard when Jack pushed Dani off of her swing and ruined her favorite white sundress with a puddle of mud.

When Jack leaves for Spain for a whole summer, Dani is relieved that she can visit her best friend everyday without dealing with Vic's annoying older brother. However, she feels like something is missing all summer. When Jack returns, he brings back different feelings with him. He still hates Dani as much as she hates him, but there's something else deep, deep down that he has for his little sister's best friend.

On the night of Dani's eighteenth birthday, Vic decides to throw her best friend a surprise party. Turns out, the cake that Jack baked for Dani ends in disaster just like she had expected. She runs from the house, more mad than humiliated; Jack follows her. A heated argument has the two panting while being up close and personal. Jack feels those deep down feelings bubble to the surface.

Next thing Dani knows, she's waking up beside Jack in his bed. Of course, she couldn't tell Vic about sleeping with her best friend's brother. As time goes on, Dani has to remind herself constantly to pretend like it never happened. Jack tries to do the same, but isn't long before they realize the sexual tension is killing them.

What else can help other than being Enemies With Benefits?

(WARNING: Sexual Content in some chapters. There will be a warning before the content begins. Content does not have to be read to understand the story.)

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ignorantsluts ignorantsluts Aug 10, 2017
This little girl was eating Wendy's and when she bit into the sand which she go a mouth full of glass that was in it
BriannaRuiz3 BriannaRuiz3 Oct 08, 2016
Mine happened in 5th grade on super kids day at a high school😑 yeah it was bad
kgirl9800 kgirl9800 Nov 25, 2016
Da-- girl, I'm two years younger and only weight two pounds less
kgirl9800 kgirl9800 Nov 22, 2016
And now everyone will have a British accent cuz I'm a white American girl and I think it's sexy as all F---
Totocutiegirl145 Totocutiegirl145 Jul 27, 2016
I had mines in 6h grade I was earlier then the rest of my family it was horrible my mom called the whole family the day I got it was humiliated
EllysRobot EllysRobot Jan 19, 2017
Yo Wendys be roasting people on Twitter now😅 they were obviously  fired via twitter