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B. Melichor By melichor Updated Jul 07

1987: I had nothing good to say about the time I lived in. I was bored. I wanted something new to happen, but, surely I would have picked boredom over my neighbor's death, or the monster loose in the cold Northwestern night. 
  This isn't some "careful what you wish for" cautionary tale. I just want to tell you what happens when you're a complete IDIOT, as I was when I decided to take on a mystery I wasn't cut out for, or when I put all my trust in some baseball player too coked up to remember my name. 
  I should have trusted my friends who told me I was nothing but an ambitionless stoner, I'm sure my high school experience would have been so much better if I just stuck to that. But wouldn't you know, little Marcia here thought it would be "fun" to play detective. 
  WINNER OF THE WATTY'S 2016 WRITER'S DEBUT! I also showed it to a friend once and she said it was "not too bad".

5Chey5 5Chey5 5 days ago
@melichor Thanks! Sorry, I don't keep replying on the comment thread, I'm having trouble replying to comments.
Morrigana89 Morrigana89 3 days ago
Fantastic start. I'm really looking forward to reading more of this. I graduated in '89, so the setting of the story intrigues me. Your grasp of grammar and sentence flow, along with great character development make the story easy to read.
This is a great story thus far. I liked how you added a little suspense with not telling your readers what the thing in the tank was. Awesome!
5Chey5 5Chey5 5 days ago
Now I feel so spoiled that I don't drink tap water.... But it's grayish and it tastes weird...
5Chey5 5Chey5 5 days ago
@CeliaFay27 @Tegan_newt @notgoodenough0 I think this is a good one. It's still on going, maybe we can decide on how many chapters we should read a day in order to catch up to updates. Tell me what you guys think first.
TZoey_Muop TZoey_Muop Jul 08
Khụ khụ... 
                              I'm Vietnamese and i just know little English (;´ຶДຶ `). But, i will try reading your novel. 
                              Đậu mọe, ai giỏi Anh vô chém với ta đi. Một thân một mình cô đơn qué.