Hades Ain't Got Nothing on Us

Hades Ain't Got Nothing on Us

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christina By vereternus Completed

Married life is a challenge, especially when you’re wedded to the Greek god of the Underworld, and in love with a mortal.

Persephone could never be saved from Hades, even by her three best friends, the kindhearted Apollo, snobby Artemis and indulgent Dionysus.  They seem an odd menagerie to the amusingly devious classmates at their Los Angeles prep school, which is no surprise to them.  They have been living among humans for years. 

However, there is hope for Persephone’s freedom hidden among the conceitedly oblivious masses of tanned skin and bleach-blond hair.  Rob Manthorne uncovers the gods' true identities, perhaps because he, too, is hiding a secret under a perfect exterior...

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  • dramedy
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mygeneration mygeneration Nov 02, 2013
I disagree on the beach-blond, uggs, perpetual-summer idea you have about LA....but I'm still enjoying this book! :)
angelskyy_14 angelskyy_14 Oct 15, 2011
You write beautifully and I loved it! I love greek mythology, too. But, try to develop your characters some more. You describe everything else really great though. The plot is unique and original and I haven't seen anything like it. *voted*
JustCeline JustCeline Sep 22, 2011
This is an awesome stor line, but I can't connect with the characters. The desriptions are ripping me away from the characters! Try to describe them more and it should sound better.
                              Hope I helped!
BreathingsofmyHeart BreathingsofmyHeart Jul 05, 2011
 I have to say, the entire time I was reading this, I pictured Rob as Robert Sheehan. Maybe it's just because of the name. 
Wowwy10 Wowwy10 Jun 25, 2011
How'd you know that I <3 Greek mythology??? Well, I do! Anyways, I really, really like this. I haven't come across a story like this, well, ever. Love this! Keep up the good work!
secretwriter08 secretwriter08 Jun 24, 2011
You, my friend, made my day by posting this on the forum I started. I'm absolutely in love with Greek mythology. (: I've done numerous school projects on it. (: I'll probably read this by this afternoon. I just thought I'd drop in and say that I'm loving the topic already!