Maid For Him ✔️

Maid For Him ✔️

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Feisty and beautiful Arianna Richardson is a tough, wild, 'uncontrollable' girl with a very troubled past who isn't afraid to speak her mind.
She is bored of her life going nowhere - from her shitty job in a diner with a perverted and creepily obscene boss to a previous, traumatising experience with a past relative.
However, what happens when increasingly frequent visitor of the diner and sexy, arrogant, cold-hearted billionaire Joshua Blaise offers her a job as his live-in maid?
He's ruthless, domineering, enigmatic, absolutely gorgeous, and has a bank account almost as big as his ego. Not too hard to deal with, right?
But she's unaware of how much she's bargained for.
Perhaps the coffee wasn't the main reason he kept coming to the diner after all.
Were Arianna and Josh really maid for each other? Or will both of their protective walls come crashing down and destroy them both?

Note: I know it seems really long, but the chapters are short.

Debbyanime Debbyanime Jun 17
"My beautiful cat who i like to call my boyfriend " 😂😂😂 #relatable
Meepmorp243 Meepmorp243 Sep 11
Mm. So glad I'm not eating dinner while reading this. 😝😝😷
bastille_sheeran bastille_sheeran Apr 22, 2016
Wow. My favourite character so far is definitely Oreo. Don't even ask 😂 but yeah this is awesome
atasteofchocolate atasteofchocolate May 22, 2016
okay 1) fat cats are adorable. 2) Josh is being a flirt! omg! 3)Liam Smith is totally a pervert! and 4) How dare someone touch the cat! Oreo is cool for some peasant to be touching him!
DeepPuddles DeepPuddles Jun 20, 2016
Ladies if no man wants you don't force an innocent cat to live with you. Jk I have a cat too #CatNation
JuliaMercer5 JuliaMercer5 May 30, 2016
If your not getting paid for that duty ,I say pay or quit,he's taking advantage girl