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Walls •Levi x Reader AU! •

Walls •Levi x Reader AU! •

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Cambino3487 By Cambino3487 Updated Feb 18

Most Levi x Readers are the same.
You are sweet, kind, and intelligent.
Levi is the bad boy and leads a gang.
Petra is a bitch who bullies you.
Eren hits on you.
Armin hits on you.
Reiner hits on you.
Mikasa is your best friend.
Well not in this story. This time you aren't a sweet lil cinnamon roll. Nope. 
Levi doesn't lead a gang.
Petra isnt a bitch. 
How will this go??
I don't own the art or the characters.

Rendemwritez Rendemwritez 5 days ago
"over by the window" *dumfounded* wait... *throws everything off of her* MAIN PROTAGONIST SEAT! WOOP WOOP!