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Daughter Of Death (Killua x reader)

Daughter Of Death (Killua x reader)

22.8K Reads 1K Votes 24 Part Story
⑀⏛⏚✕ ✰AvaaaBeannn✰ ✕⏚⏛⑀ By SoulScreamo Updated Aug 28, 2016

Y/N Is the daughter of death himself, She is known to be the second most powerful being on Earth it's self! Y/N's power is to control when people die. She can save lives, and end them. WITH THE SNAP OF HER FINGERS!!

winxqueens winxqueens Feb 06
Umm does the author know me im the freakin grim reaper these apply to me for real
Oh boy. Kid death is gonna make my kills "symetrical" 
                              Sebbs: YOU AIN'T SCARIER THAN MEE
                              Meeee: YES I AM BY THE POWER OF AUTHORS
MsXxXKillXJoyXxX MsXxXKillXJoyXxX May 25, 2016
If anyone is curios about the drawings used, they are from a Tumblr artist named Shiori Ayaka? I believe her Tumblr name is Shiori room. She's an amazing artist.
Otaku_love2004 Otaku_love2004 Dec 17, 2016
So Kid is our brother then? Great to know we got the symmetry freak on out side. He's going to be soooooo helpful in battle.
                              Kid: HEY!
                              Me: Imma go mess up his symmetry now so BAI!
                              Kid: NO DON'T DO THAT!
Nightfox102 Nightfox102 Jun 28, 2016
Yes! Finally a good fanfiction with a lot of chapters and a capable Heroine
BlackButlerBoii BlackButlerBoii Sep 12, 2016
So basically we are Light Yagami with a Death Note in our body? Alright cool.