Meant to be (temporarily in hold)

Meant to be (temporarily in hold)

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🥂GUCCI CHANCLA🥂 By Jungshookiee Updated Nov 28, 2017

"If I confess my feelings for the girl I love, you have to confess yours to the guy you love." Chat smirked.

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When_Is_My_Adventure When_Is_My_Adventure May 04, 2017
She won't even get out a single word without stammering. Lol
Allanah01 Allanah01 Apr 22, 2017
*has head down* this is.... *flings head up* pg rated show!!!
PokeGurl12 PokeGurl12 May 04, 2016
Chat i woukd punch you in the face if i was mari! no i cant , why do you have to be so so cute kitty
TheBlackCatss TheBlackCatss May 09, 2016
Best scene 😂 By the way I recommend that you should separate them into paragraph (like put some space) so the readers won't have a hard time reading it.
Mnama15 Mnama15 May 08, 2016
Well I see where this is going they both shot each other down then go to each other for comfort then fall in love . I'm IN
- - May 03, 2016
Yes, yes, yes, YES! Finally they're confessing! *starts making wedding preparations*