Meant to be

Meant to be

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Phantomhive Waffles By marichatfan16 Updated Oct 20

Chat noir and Marinette finally confess their love for their crushes- when they get crushed they come to each other for comfort, sparks fly and love blossoms. But the question is will this romance soar or will the Heartstrings be cut.

                       •Cover art not mine•
            *Editing is mine but art is not *

All characters, except the ones I make up belong to the creators of Miraculous.

PokeGurl12 PokeGurl12 May 04
Chat i woukd punch you in the face if i was mari! no i cant , why do you have to be so so cute kitty
Akame-chi Akame-chi May 09
Best scene 😂 By the way I recommend that you should separate them into paragraph (like put some space) so the readers won't have a hard time reading it.
Mnama15 Mnama15 May 08
Well I see where this is going they both shot each other down then go to each other for comfort then fall in love . I'm IN
Yes, yes, yes, YES! Finally they're confessing! *starts making wedding preparations*
Their crotches were pressed up against each other..... BWAHAHAHAHAHA LMAO... 
                              ...( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Acheron1817 Acheron1817 Apr 28
Mari is going to try but she is going to make a fool of her self in front of Adrien/chat