Fox's Worth #7

Fox's Worth #7

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I wasn't looking for love, I really wasn't after my failed marriage I just wanted to learn to live my life alone again. But fate had other ideas, throwing a young and crazy hipster named Dylan into my life and literally flipping it upside down. 

I use to be all about my family business that was left to me by my grandfather, I was young and looked to an older family friend for guidance. That guidance slowly turned into a friendship and partnership in business. When Robert asked me to marry him I thought it made perfect sense to marry the man who had always been there for me. The he cheated one me and I forgave him cliche I know then he cheated again and I finally found the strength to leave.

Now I have taken a leave of absence from work and am going on mini vacation. Anything to get my mind off what happened and to get away form Robert and his new lover. I wasn't looking for anything and even when it fell in my lap I didn't want it but damn I can't get Dylan off my mind or the way he makes me feel wild and reckless.

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SmolSunshines SmolSunshines May 13, 2017
I love how the dick of a dude is named Richard bc it means dick. Lmao was that on purpose
Shixon27 Shixon27 Jan 25, 2017
Just in case you didn't know , yours using the wrong word it's throw or threw not through that spelling is like if you walked through a door or cut through a board. Throw/threw is when you toss something ... Good story so far :)
aye_024 aye_024 Dec 29, 2016
I-It truly is sad, but that's OK. You'll move on from his headass soon
KathleenJMBassick KathleenJMBassick Apr 14, 2016
Loving it! Can't wait for more! I want hunky Dylan to sex it up with Fox. Austin needs to come in a Foxy up lil' Fox, make Richards jaw drop to floor with saliva dripping down and cooper whining in the background
melanesian_pride melanesian_pride Aug 21, 2016
Yes, it is but that's okay. It takes time to move on *smiles sadly* you poor baby :'(
LLAP115 LLAP115 Sep 09, 2016
in the synopsis the ex is called robert, now it's richard ;)
                              happy that fox got his own story :)