My Yandere Text buddy

My Yandere Text buddy

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BunnyEunbi By geeky_nistaz Completed

You're a regular highchool student, happily with your boyfriend. But after seeing your boyfriend with another girl, you cried your eyes out. But a weird boy named Aiko tried to cheer up your mood, since then you've been 'texting buddies'. But your life gets a turn when you notice that Aiko is acting more weird than you thought.  Will you be able to survive your crazy friend?

Yandere OC x reader

It's not a good story... I've warned you (It's my first story after all ;-;)

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Holy crap. This good. Interesting things are already happening at the start! I luv that
MaiWaffle11 MaiWaffle11 Jul 30
But he can't steal my bra. Why would I waste money on a bra to support something that isn't even there, when I could just buy candy and chocolate '^'  😛
SudeGnds SudeGnds Sep 28
White hair...Red eyes.... 
_Medic_ _Medic_ Sep 26
*sneaks into Hartoto’s Room, raises knife over his head* FACK YOU.
                              *stabby time starts*
Semut_Panda Semut_Panda Jul 13
                              YUK MAIN DI ARENA.. DOMINO..
Hahahahah... I can't imagine me saying that... 'porn'