The Storm Inside

The Storm Inside

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This is the first book in my Storm Inside series. It is a steamy, sexy, super romantic (fully complete) love story:

The hardest thing I'd ever done was let go of the one person who needed me most...

Jake Spencer was the kindest, truest, strongest man I'd ever met. He also had the worst childhood I could imagine. All he needed was a chance and someone to love him. I gave him everything I could, but it wasn't enough.

It took me a long time to accept that there was nothing else I could have done. That disappointment has followed me ever since. I built a career and a supportive network of friends, but kept love out of my life. 

I was on the rise and thought nothing could slow me down, until my greatest failure came back to haunt me. Jake came home, stronger and wiser. Whatever it was he needed to overcome his past, he'd found it. Somewhere, or with someone, else. I hated that it wasn't with me. 

His sudden reappearance has thrown my life into a tailspin. He's back to claim the life he wanted, to be the man he says I deserved, but I'm not the girl I used to be. Professionally I am powerful and moving up. Personally I'm broken and uncertain, but mainly...I'm angry. Falling in love with Jake was the easiest thing I'd ever done, losing him was the hardest, and giving him a second chance might just cost me everything. 


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  • afterdark
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sonja252 sonja252 Aug 18, 2017
Report all you want it's happened before in real life with no harm to anyone only extreme pleasure!!!! For real!!!
CaraLee19 CaraLee19 Jan 22
Florida thunderstorms,I miss them so much!! Michigan storms pale in comparison.
ughnaj ughnaj Jun 13, 2017
I live in Orlando, and we had a thunderstorm on Sunday, lol.
Beansp4 Beansp4 Dec 25, 2017
Why are they so horny like you’re apart for ten years and the only thing that comes to mind is sex? They’re obsessed and it’s not healthy. Talking and emotions and soul to soul connection is what they need.
JusticePHeart JusticePHeart Aug 29, 2016
Whoa! The bastart has the nerve to wink at her?! Oh HELL NAH!
MrEthansFToy MrEthansFToy Mar 29, 2016
Oh really? Guess what she found out? She ain't into men anymore. 😏