High-School Couple | Laurance X Reader

High-School Couple | Laurance X Reader

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In Phoenix Drop High, Garroth, Laurance, Dante, Katelyn, and (Name) are all sophomores.

Travis, Vylad, Zane, Cadenza, Aphmau, Kawaii-Chan, and Nicole are all freshmen. 

Katelyn and (Name) have been best friends since kindergarten. 

Now that the four sophomore have much more friends, (Name) realizes she has feelings for someone in particular. Laurance Zvhal, her high-school crush. 

She's never ever had a boyfriend and what happens when this casanova makes her head over heels in love with him?

Find out by reading 'High-School Couple | Laurance X Reader'!

((Sounds pretty cheesy right?))

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aegyobunny2 aegyobunny2 Jun 14
That’s probably going to be my friends because I’m the baby in the group aka I’m THEIR baby, I can already imagine it 😂
aegyobunny2 aegyobunny2 Jun 14
The struggles of having a guy friend EVERYONE THINKS YOUR DATING 😤😤😤😩😩
HopeSama143 HopeSama143 Jun 03
He actually hits her in the face and she gets knocked out I’d be the awkward
HopeSama143 HopeSama143 Jun 03
The teacher be like...
                              GET YOUR TOUNGE OFF OF Y/N YOU PERVERT!
                              Cause everyone thinks girls are innocent
My classes are 50 minutes and when we are done with everything in computer class we can play games on the computers
clowie0830 clowie0830 Aug 28
They should do a patting some heads events or something where evryone is there and randomly patting everyones head :P