Royale Wolf

Royale Wolf

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Aura Starr is a very unique werewolf. She have been gifted numerous powers and an irresistible scent. A mixture of vanilla, caramel and sweet roses. That attracts un mated male wolves. She possessed a rare blood. Reasons of her unique gifts. 

She shifted earlier than all the kids in her pack, she bears the talent of being able to talk to animals, she can out run any of their werewolf guards.

She can even solve math equations and identify countries by their flag when she was mere 2 years old!

As the day of her 18th birthday. She is now permitted to join the legendary 'Moon Howl' ball. A ball that has been a tradition since their ancestors existed, All packs and Alpha's at the age of 18 and above come to this ball to celebrate the wonderful gift of being a werewolf

This ball is the reason of all unity amongst the werewolf community. But as it turns out, it's also the reason of Aura meeting her mate. joyed laughter fills the air...darkness looms in the corner, waiting to attack....

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Packwolf2004 Packwolf2004 Aug 26, 2016
im in the middle
                              im just way too lazy to put in on in morning
saintlucia saintlucia Sep 06, 2016
Is this a story or dr phill keep your opinions out of the story
miss0mayhem miss0mayhem Aug 22, 2016
jolinsky_is_A1 jolinsky_is_A1 Aug 08, 2016
Yeah...okay....tell me that once you achieve a perfect cut-crease
Chaaxie Chaaxie Aug 24, 2016
you just expressed my feelings
                              i hate make-up
                              it ruins our skin and hides the natural beauty
                              already ur fan
Ltcaine1 Ltcaine1 Aug 02, 2016
This book is really interesting and fun So keep up with the good work 😀 😀