Living with GOT7 || BamBam // YongGuk B.A.P

Living with GOT7 || BamBam // YongGuk B.A.P

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I was living a normal teenager life in California U.S.A. Until my favorite K-Pop group opened a contest, for a one year stay with them in South Korea.

Will this really be my chance to spice my life up? 

Let's find out!

Welcome to my first GOT7 fanfic "Living with GOT7"!

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I think someone puked on the floor. 
                              Oh wait. It was me.
What I think. But my friends tell me to have a crush on a guy who actually knows I exist.
...if this actually happened. I'd be too scared to sign up. Im too young. I think when I typed that I just saw my love life go flying out the window. Actually my love life was already a disaster.
My bias is bambam and my wrecker is Mark or Jackson 😭❤️
FanGirl123L FanGirl123L Oct 30
I can't choose but if I have to choose
                              All of them are my bias wrecker
I'm a tomboy so it's not really my taste but it is my sisters taste.