Living with GOT7 || BamBam // YongGuk B.A.P

Living with GOT7 || BamBam // YongGuk B.A.P

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~ XX ~ By mitsu_xx Completed

I was living a normal teenager life in California U.S.A. Until my favorite K-Pop group opened a contest, for a one year stay with them in South Korea.

Will this really be my chance to spice my life up? 

Let's find out!

Welcome to my first GOT7 fanfic "Living with GOT7"!

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keldia06 keldia06 3 days ago
No hell no not in a million years not if you were the last person on earth never got it 😂😂😂 what a joke
I don't need a app i just download the songs and put them on my alarm
AlpahMelody2314 AlpahMelody2314 3 days ago
youngjae is my bias.... but bam bam and JB is my bias wrecker
keldia06 keldia06 3 days ago
Some random boy: what is your type of guy
                              Me: got7 or bts and you are not one so bye bye * laughs in his face *
threedollajimin threedollajimin Dec 29, 2017
I’d rather date some hot Asian who can actually spell “how”
FanGirl123L FanGirl123L Oct 30, 2017
I can't choose but if I have to choose
                              All of them are my bias wrecker