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Caitlyn Morgan By red_homestuck_101 Completed

In a world where demon's run free. Hunter's  plan to take away not only the freedom  but the lives  of the demon's
But what happens when the  myths about an unbeatable demon kind comes true?



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We all know the transfert students are class 4 demons don't we?
Dev_Senpai Dev_Senpai May 21
Duh. John is a adorable f~~king cat kitten child perfect teddy-bear (you're welcome Dave for the tips so just wear catnip to make him love u :3 )
Or demons purr. Now imagine a cute little demon purring. You may proceed
david elizabeth strider just killed me trying to read this being serious and dies from that
I'm John in class. Sleeping. But I do not relate to wanting to meet new people or being clumsy. I'm a graceful accident prone person
SatanTheKingofSass SatanTheKingofSass Dec 18, 2016
MY MOM DOES THE SAME THING! She drives forward or backward a little bit so I can't get in.