My Fake Fiancé is Problematic - A Hamilton Fanfiction

My Fake Fiancé is Problematic - A Hamilton Fanfiction

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College AU

John Laurens has a new roommate who seems to have a troubled past. Can John get through to him or will this new roommate be just as silent as the last?

It was my sophomore year at Uni and I was doomed to get a new roommate because lucky for me, my old one dropped out. So here I am, nervous as fuck because not only am I getting a new roommate, he's some prodigy, here on a full ride after taking a year at Yale. I, on the other hand, am here from working my ass of for four years with three jobs.

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baneberries baneberries Mar 18
my name is hamilton alexander
                              my name is hamilton alexander
                              and there’s a million things I haven’t done
                              but just you wait
                              just you wait
Blue raspberry is always the best flavor in everything like jolly ranchers slushees etc
Cakezi Cakezi Apr 15
I always try to write down every word the teacher says. No, my hands arent okay. Yes, my grades are high.
EvanIsAZombie EvanIsAZombie 3 days ago
This happened to me on the second day of sixth grade. I was so nervous about being late, I forgot where my classroom was (T_T)
JayCeaser JayCeaser 5 days ago
My friend they called there cat's mom MIA cause when their cat was born. 4 weeks in the world the cat left.... So oilspots moms name is missing in action
emily_septic_eye emily_septic_eye 6 days ago
honestly that was me my firsr day of college, i was so lost it was ridiculous lol