FALLOUT [slow updates]

FALLOUT [slow updates]

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Haniwrites By Haniwrites Updated Dec 30, 2016

After the bombs fell, there was nothing on the world besides grey; grey skies, grey pastures, and grey people. The world had been devastated, and the sole motor of your every action was pure instinct because, deep inside, you only wished you had died with the majority of human kind.
There was no good people left in that world, not even you. And when his dark figure hovered over you and brought you forcefully with him you confirmed it.
They were no good either.

PostApocalyptic! AU

WARNINGS: Swearing, mentions of rape/abuse, blood, violence, gore, zombies, sexual contents.


Note: It says hiatus because it's been two months since I updated but I'm working on this!!!! :))

1SilverMaknae 1SilverMaknae Oct 14, 2016
This is so imaginative, creative and detailed; this honestly needs more recognition. Daebak!