80s imagines/preferences

80s imagines/preferences

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ugheighties By ugheighties Updated Apr 10, 2016

eighties imagines for all my lil eighties beans :D


read first chapter for instructions and details and I'll be reading your requests daily!

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A-A-Ahtziri A-A-Ahtziri Jun 08, 2017
Person  ralph macchio 
                               Plot I am starring  in  a movie that he is starring in also 
                              Description black short wavy hair
                              Eyes are brown
                              I'm shy, naturally flirty but I don't mean to  , I am giggle  alot of times I can't keep a serious face my name is Ahtziri
_Brooxeshields_ _Brooxeshields_ Apr 06, 2016
can I have a corey Feldman imagine please, Im called margo and I have dirty blonde hair and blue/green ish eyes and Im a bit of a tomboy, plot- we've been best friends for a long time and then whatever you wanna do but can they kiss in the end please :) thanks x
80sboi 80sboi May 23, 2016
Person: Wil Wheaton 
                              Plot: we go to a party 
                              Description: brown hair, green eyes, tall, tan, I wear jeans crop tops and adidas  and I'm shy but I can be loud once I get used to the atmosphere.
                              Extra: nothing☺️
mvsicbookfrxndom mvsicbookfrxndom Mar 25, 2016
First of all, THANK YOU for the media picture. I can't stop smiling right now.
lowkey80s lowkey80s Dec 27, 2016
Person: Patrick Swayze 
                              Plot: Been best friends forever and both like each other 
                              Description: blonde-brown hair, grey eyes, tanned skin. Quiet and loud at the same time, make a lot of sarcastic comments.
mikeslegs mikeslegs Mar 25, 2016
person- Patrick Dempsey
                              plot- idk we bump into each othrr at like in n out ir something
                              description- uuhhh brown hair sort if tannish skin sort of tall and i dress like a hobo (according to my sisters)