The Vampire King's human (ON HOLD UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE)

The Vampire King's human (ON HOLD UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE)

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-_peaches_- By -_peaches_- Updated Nov 09, 2016

He finally found his mate. After centuries of a boring life, he finally found his other half... But she was human; innocent and extremely pure in both the mind and heart.

Victor Knight has been ruling as Vampire King for many centuries, still looking not a day over 25 years old. The last thing he expected his mate to be was a human... A peasant with the purest of all hearts.

She will turn Victor's life upside down and make his dead heart feel love once more. But how much is Victor wiling to sacrifice for her?...

zaybaaar1 zaybaaar1 Jul 10, 2017
I'm glad she is one of those girls who are greatful and aren't crying about what they don't have
vhobiv vhobiv Jun 15, 2017
"what's the pint of being immortal if you have no one to share it with?"
vhobiv vhobiv Jun 15, 2017
um. boi. Beauty and The Beast! One of my favorite Disney movies. plus. have you not watched all the sheet that goes on in Once Upon A Time?
punch-a-dolphin punch-a-dolphin Jul 06, 2016
Villagers pay all their taxes to the town bank/hall, where it is collected by a designated tax collector
_Spica_ _Spica_ Dec 12, 2016
omg!! such a good story, why did i never see this before? ;-;
myajohnson12 myajohnson12 Nov 08, 2016
You just called your mate old and small.....such a gentleman