Adrienette ~Not Over You~{COMPLETED}

Adrienette ~Not Over You~{COMPLETED}

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Adrien's life was as close to perfect as it has ever been, he had a girlfriend, perfect friends, but that all changed with a car crash.

Marinette's life was as sucky as it has ever been, her best friend Alya is on a trip for four months, her parents bakery seems to be getting less money everyday, and Adrien is dating Chloé, but would that all change with a car crash?

{I donut (puns) own any of these amazing characters! Except Elliot, Molly, and Lilleth)

Adrien, u better break up with her or I swear I will tell Mari/Ladybug to avoid u for the rest of ur life
She has black hair.
                              BEFORE YOU ALL GO COMANDO ON ME, I CAN EXPLAIN
                              even though her hair appears to be blue, on the internet (woo miraculous research fml) it said it is actually black, however the light appears to make it blue
Holy crap!! Chole is with ADRIEN of all the people in the world!!!!!
Loverayray0 Loverayray0 Apr 24
How did Chloe even become Adrien's girlfriend. He doesn't even like her like that. Have you seen his face on the TV show.
MiraculousAwesome2 MiraculousAwesome2 Nov 06, 2016
I just crashed on a wall for reading this and focusing if i read that right on the part where Adrien said Chloe is her girlfriend now I hate myself
Sapphire-Wolf Sapphire-Wolf Oct 08, 2016
What kind of bug bit ya that made you think that Chloe deserves a boyfriend?!