Yandere-Chan X Reader(Senpai)

Yandere-Chan X Reader(Senpai)

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тιgєяℓιℓу By TheTsundereKITTY Completed

This is a story of you and the person who likes..er i mean loves you!                          

You will be acting as senpai and will be chased by 4 girls

1.Yandere-Chan (of course =__=)

Who gets to keep you?
Well I dunno why you askin meh?

Thats why there's a story
To find out!!!

just_a_random_freak just_a_random_freak Jul 02, 2017
To fully become the true tsuntsun you must have the legandary word 'baka'
popbobrob popbobrob Oct 26, 2016
NUUUUU!!!!!!!!!! OSANA-CHAN!!!!!!!!!!!!
                                                                YOU OWED ME 5 YUAN!!!
prussia666 prussia666 Mar 28, 2016
Wha- I don't like pancakes?! 😢 I'm Canadian what do you expect?