Being A Pierce (A Vampire Diaries Fan Fiction)

Being A Pierce (A Vampire Diaries Fan Fiction)

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Edited version. 

Chapter One: Being A Pierce

The cool night air leaked in from the window, sending shivers down my spine. I sat at the family table as I peeled potatoes for my mother. I was concentrated on my work, knowing if I didn't get this done in a few minuets my mother was going to give me a beating. 

 "Hello?" Someone yelled from outside the door. 

I looked up from my work, and pushed back my stool. This was strange, no one ever came this far into the woods unless it was the priest or the shops man.

 I walked to the door and opened it slowly peeking out the crack.

"Can I help you?" I said opening the door all the way to see a man standing there with 3 other men behind him.

I was confused at why four men would be standing at my door at nine at night. 

"Yes is Katrina here?" He asked with anger written on his face.

"No I'm sorry she's not." I shook my head. 

"Okay thank you." He said looking back at his men. When he turned back to look at me, his face seemed to be lighte...

bandma bandma Jun 12
Just reading the first page is giving me the sense of fear and sorrow
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I thought of bohemian rhapsody bc if the sending shivers down my spine
miss_lavancha miss_lavancha Jul 08, 2015
Katerina. Sorry, one of my pet peeves. I'll be going. *slowly backs out of room*
sarabrunette sarabrunette Apr 14, 2015
So far so good. I have a feeling that this book could become an addiction.
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