We Were Made To Love Each Other (Judar x Reader)

We Were Made To Love Each Other (Judar x Reader)

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Paola By cherubpop Completed

You are a young woman stumbling your way through your life as a commoner. You live on your own and are responsible and level-headed so you are able to survive even without the help of family. 

Where is your family? Dead and passed away to reunite at the Rukh. The reason for this circumstance was something you'd tried so hard to forget. And so you lived your lonely life day by day just settling for the usual dull routine, working hard to make up for past sins.

Until one day, you had a chance meeting with the fallen Magi. It was then that you realized that you weren't satisfied with your current lifestyle and began to truly repair your broken heart. You didn't think you'd also fall in love along the way, much less with the man you'd hated upon your first meeting.

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eat_yur_cornflake eat_yur_cornflake Oct 11, 2017
When you actually hate wearing dresses. 
                              🎵Hello darkness my old friend, I've come to speak with you again🎵
MidnightAsha MidnightAsha Apr 02, 2017
It's extremely rare to find the perfect Judar x Reader book. And I've just found something that will most likely turn into something great. Can't wait to read the next chapters!
shookethshookttrash shookethshookttrash Jun 19, 2017
Okay.. I don't know why, but I read this as 'gross sobbing'
                              I'm weird
iiWitchyWriter iiWitchyWriter Nov 12, 2017
I've only read the first chapter and tbh this is some of the best work I've seen especially being a first this seems like the work of someone really dedicated so keep going and keep writing cause your work is wonderful.
BurritoAssChild BurritoAssChild Jun 17, 2017
It so rare to find a normal paced and grammar errorless book these days, I love it!