Working For The Alpha

Working For The Alpha

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Zoe Evans is not your typical omega, in fact she's the Soon to be Alpha of the strongest pack in the world, The Black Moon Pack.

Zoe disguises herself to be an omega of the Red Moon Pack to test her patience, power and temper. Her Father wanted to test not just her strength but her ability to control her power. Her power is like no other wolf.

She may experience bullying but that doesn't let her down to the opportunity of becoming the world's strongest Alpha and Alpha of the world's strongest pack.

But she has this one little problem. She has to work for the Alpha of the Red Moon Pack. And the thing she hates most is when other wolves except her parents orders her around.

Will Zoe find her mate and live a happy ending? Or will Zoe fall for her Alpha Boss and experience many trials?

AHHH I LOVE HERRRR😂😂😂 so proud someone FINALLY stood up for them self💖💖