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fxxxmate;; no strings attached ➸ jungkook smut «fxm originals»

fxxxmate;; no strings attached ➸ jungkook smut «fxm originals»

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嘎耶 By somi8x24 Updated May 21, 2016

❝ Everything's forbidden between us. You, me, we don't belong with each other's arms at all. ❞
  Park Jiyeon, a senior college gal; an idol aspirant, the most sought noona around the campus of Kang University, she got the looks that everyone would turn back their heads to look at as well as everyone's falling at her feet but little did everyone know the limelight princess has something to hide for. Sloping down the dreams of everyone, she's already engaged with the CEO of Aes Entertainment, Kim Myungsoo.
  One night at the busy hub streets of Seoul, Jiyeon came along with her friends for a night out. It wasn't her first night to spend a sensational night at a hub, but a first time to dart an eye on a guy which she thinks way younger than her age.
  Truth be told, it was Jeon Jungkook; a freshman hottie of Kang University, a 100% playboy, total jerk and a full time douche. He's got the over flowing charm that girls would definitely kill just to make him their own. During that night at the hub, Jungkook and his friends had already darted their eyes on their Pretty Well-known Noonas of Kang University. They had challenged Jungkook for a bet and so he did.
  In such a boisterous place, advancing to a hotel room. It was the night that Jungkook had won the bet as well as Jiyeon who had lost the game of lust and crave. They became both one's possession secretly until a year passed, a twist in fate came when Jiyeon wanted to break off between them but Jungkook wouldn't let her. And what better way to do it, than to show himself on the day of Jiyeon and Myungsoo's wedding.
  *WARNING* Contains explicit language, sexual contents and violence.
  All Rights Reserved. Copyright. March 2016 © somi8x24
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kookie_cha kookie_cha Mar 29, 2016
Of course! and thanks for dedicating it for me... I really appreciate it unnie! 😘😘😘 Fighting!!!
ahjeonssi ahjeonssi Mar 27, 2016
                              omf. these people are my biases and i ship myungyeon hardcore. well, jungkook and jiyeon aren't that bad too...
kookie_cha kookie_cha Mar 29, 2016
Well, not many people like Jiyeon and T-ara so... I just had to... I JUST LOVE YOUR STORIES!!! I'm a big fan of BTS and T-ara too... i hope you're not stressed...
kookie_cha kookie_cha Mar 29, 2016
Thank you very much and UGH i feel so bad... i know that you have so much stories to make and i know that you have a lot in mind... I'm so sorry to make you do this... I feel so bad... Thank You! Saranghaeyo! Fighting!!!
emllet emllet Apr 08, 2016
Well i think i should thank you @kookie_cha I'm a big fan of t-ara especially JIYEON. 💋❤
emllet emllet Apr 08, 2016
I hope not just only jungkook will her be flirt but so many men. Kekeke ~ Jk. Pls update soon authornim ~