Mine Only! (Yandere!Mini Ladd x reader)

Mine Only! (Yandere!Mini Ladd x reader)

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Mïmï Lädd By Drunk_Cookie Completed


What's his is his.

If someone tries to get them, he'll kill them.

I imagine the voice Mini Makes when he's Jason....In the video "A whole different side to me"
Noooooooooooooooope I reeeeeeaaaaaaally hate Justin B ....so p!atd time!
_MadameJinx_ _MadameJinx_ Jul 04, 2016
If craig kills the crew, he will DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In the story though, i will come virtually and KILL you Yandere Mini!
H20DeVanoss H20DeVanoss Jan 05
sort of remind me of Mirai Nikki or The Future Diary lmao Craig is Yuno and the reader is Yuki x3
Squishy_Panderz Squishy_Panderz Apr 01, 2016
I love! Keep up the good work and write more please 😊 Senpai write for me 😆😝