The Long Lost Celestial Dragon Slayer

The Long Lost Celestial Dragon Slayer

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Dark__Angel098 By PrincessLilica Updated Aug 23, 2017

Layla Vermilion is a Celestial Dragon Slayer. The Celestial Dragon uses all elements. She taught Layla all elements.

Wanna know why the Celestial Dragon can use all elements? Cause she's the leader of the Legendary Dragons. She's the most powerful dragon.

Layla met Jude Heartfilia, a God Slayer. He kept his identity hidden to everyone but Layla.

She's pregnant with a baby girl. They named her Lucy Heartfilia, or so she thought.. She inherited her mom and dad's powers.

But one day, Layla put a Memory Changing spell that made Lucy think that she's only a Celestial Wizard and that her name is Lucy Heartfilia.

π   €   £  

I won't write deeper details anymore.

Join their adventure in finding The Long Lost Celestial Dragon Slayer!

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FairyForce FairyForce Apr 30, 2017
I the nation, not in my country cuz it does not belong to ya, and it is not called a country
FairyForce FairyForce Apr 30, 2017
No, Wendy is a sky dragon, and yes it involves air and healing and other stuff like that
Shippereverywhere Shippereverywhere Dec 14, 2017
it's Lucy really your best friend is an it
lucarioauragaming lucarioauragaming Jul 26, 2017
Yes lucy, yes it can, get used too it the world is a cruel place
FairyForce FairyForce Apr 30, 2017
Not celestial dragon whatever, celestial wizard, and I'm guessing that Layla was also a celestial WIZARD too
SarGraKeirssie SarGraKeirssie Aug 24, 2017
I thought it was like celestial something and I was five pages in after this one when it hit me. Pretty sure S its celestial dragon roar and according to this comment section I guess I'm right