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Pureblood King's Hope

Pureblood King's Hope

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"Y-You can't b-break me..." I managed to spit out as I attempted to push off of the ground. 

At this point, I was too weak to stand. I had coughed up minor amounts of blood several times throughout the beating. Somehow, sadly, i'm still conscious.

He grabbed a handful of my hair before pulling me up on my feet and harshly gripping onto my bare neck. Slowly, he lifted me off of the cold, concrete floor and tossed me to the other side of the room as if I were but a mere toy. 

Once my back made impact with the wall, my body instantly collapsed to the ground. It was then that I felt my bones had broken and I was unable to move.

Asshole broke my spine...

My body isn't healing...

I haven't fed in days...

After a seconds of silence, the sound of faint footsteps made me flinch.

My eyelids grew heavier by the second as I attempted to intake deep breaths. 

"Had enough yet?" 

Although my vision was hazy, I could see his figure standing over me and that cocky smirk of his plastered on his face. 

In my own sick amusement, I chuckled. I knew part of me was only trying to hide the fact that my wounds were quite severe. 

"H-Hardly..." my voice shook, "I have p-plenty of f-fight left in m-me."


My name is Silver. I am daughter of the Queen of all Vampires and of an 'all powerful' Seeker. I no longer live in the supernatural realm. No, I wanted a change. I refused to stay and live as a burden. 

I take residence in the home of thee Pureblood King, Erebus. Well, not that I have a choice in the matter. You see, the rules in the human realm are far different from the ones in the supernatural realm. I learned that the hard way.

I am enslaved to him. 

I do not wish to be saved. I do not wish to go back. I refuse to reveal my true identity for the simple fact that I do not wish to be found.

With that being said...

My name is Hope, and I belong to King Erebus. 

I am enslaved to him. 

I am Pureblood King's H

Marcel, omg what are you doing here? Got tired of Klaus? Lol
morte_ceifeiro morte_ceifeiro Dec 28, 2016
I hope Klaus and Elijah pop up next maybe even Stefan and Damon
No, no.. that's not how you are supposed to human! You have to blend in!
Iyanlaaaa Iyanlaaaa Nov 02, 2016
I have a question 😕 ? 
                              Is her name silver or Hope ? Because In the description it said both 😐 .
I think its cool to be in two places at once. I would be at home and at the club at the same time so the me at the club is the one that has to deal with the hangover. 😈
Shigirl13 Shigirl13 Jan 01
well i'm just going to be over here with my  "marcel the shell with shoes on"