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Growing Up

Growing Up

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Yuri Plisetsky By Queen_ADiva Updated Apr 02

"I forgive you." Boruto was shocked. "On one condition."

"Of course."

"You said you would do anything, right?" Sarada asked already knowing the answer. Boruto nodded hesitantly. "Well, my father is coming for a short visit and I need something to get on his nerves. He doesn't like you a whole lot and your suggestion was perfect."

"Where is this going?" Boruto began to tremble more. 

"I need you to be my fake boyfriend until my father leaves for his trip again." Sarada pushed up her glasses. "And you can't say no, you said anything." She sang. 

"When will he be here." Boruto scratched the back of his head and blushed. The doorbell rang. 

"Now." Sarada moved towards the door and opened it to see a grinning Sasuke.


"Papa." Sarada kept an emotionless face as her father went to hug her. Sasuke stroked his daughter's hair and checked her body for any marks. While this was going on, Boruto stood in the corner sweating nervously.

Naruto/Boruto Fanfic 
Modern AU

takeru_uchiha takeru_uchiha Jul 02, 2016
I'm fangirling right now!!!!!!!!!!! Nice book author-sama. This is one of the best 'borusara' fanfics. I've read, your a great author ^v^ :)
ThatShadowhunterlife ThatShadowhunterlife Oct 25, 2016
Check out my naruto story? Please and thank you! Also don't forget to comment and vote!!
HimawariShippuden HimawariShippuden Jun 28, 2016
Ha that book summary is going to be what happens to Boruto and Sarada!
Nejilovesme Nejilovesme Oct 04, 2016
Dang i like borusara but i like sarajin more.. or was it inosara??
ZeroRegrets ZeroRegrets Jul 20, 2016
So sad ;-; I know how Sarada felt my dad won't let me climb him ;-(
therealxylo therealxylo Sep 18, 2016
Cool nice man good job I love shipping Boruto and Sarada together thx and I will watch more