[ENG Translation] Xu Weizhou X Huang Jingyu Interview (Easy Magazine 2016/03)

[ENG Translation] Xu Weizhou X Huang Jingyu Interview (Easy Magazine 2016/03)

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Angela By kakelet Completed

Translation from Easy Magazine's March 2016 edition (volume 725).
I got my copy of the magazine in the mail today so I thought I'd put this up here ^^

Translator: me, kakelet
Pictures also scanned be me.

Please credit if using the translations, but please don't repost elsewhere! Thanks :)

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lovehaiyin lovehaiyin Oct 05, 2017
LOL... JingYu IS GuHai! And ZZhou IS GuHai's BaiLouYin, for sure! They are both gorgeous and lovable boys in their own ways.  These two ARE FATED to meet and be together! LOVE THEM SO MUCH!  Thankyou very much for your translations Kakelet ~ 'Keep fighting' for our boys everyone!
LectorDominion LectorDominion Sep 03, 2017
This question and answer... I hope you two remembered this interview with your current situation. Keep fighting and don't give yourself any regrets!
Miyukikisu Miyukikisu Aug 11, 2017
JY is so close to Guhai shameless and charming at the same time
DheekeyCarey DheekeyCarey Oct 09, 2016
When something is produced first, It will be hard to be replaced at the first placed espescially when it's reproduced. Coz the feeling the atmosphere is just mot there anymore, it will be like another movie. And I don't like that.
lonelycauliflower lonelycauliflower Sep 19, 2016
@anitione15  there is no ep16 sadly. It was banned and God knows if there is going to be season2. Personally I don't think the original actors will play in it even if Thailand will produce it. Very sad.
anitione15 anitione15 Sep 17, 2016
When is episode 16 coming out? I'm so impatient at the moment and can't wait to see what's going to happen. Are the parents going to find out about their relationship? Are they going to get married ? I hope they come to Hawaii! Lol