Greenflame: pain

Greenflame: pain

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im sorry in advance By lovelyfreak_ Completed

"Kai you have a girlfriend,"he says. 

He is right. I have a girlfriend, but I like Lloyd. I also like Skylor. I promised her, but Lloyd I broke him. 


Find out what happens on Kai and Lloyds crazy adventure

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aquafoxes aquafoxes Oct 14, 2017
Guys I'm thinkin of starting a story on my own. Do u guys think i should?????
SummerTymeStudios SummerTymeStudios Dec 30, 2017
the point is to savor it and make friends and have happiness
NinjagoLover06 NinjagoLover06 Aug 31, 2017
Man that's me and my brother.
                              Brother:it's your fault that the mirror broke!!!!
                              Me:how do you know that
                              Brother: beacuse I k-
                              Me:do you have proof 
                              Brother:umm n-no
                              Me:then just ask me genius😒