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I Am Not A Princess OHSHC

I Am Not A Princess OHSHC

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Author-chan By Dad9276 Updated Apr 08, 2016

Hey, what's up? The name's Okijima Mizuki. I have a middle name but it's not my favorite.  I start Ouran tomorrow. Honestly, I don't want to go to a rich white school. All my life I've gone to commoners schools even though I am not a commoner. My family owns a chain of Restaurants and a popular clothing store. At the schools I've gone to, I got along with some people but not all. Guess you could say I was a 'rebel' or a 'punk'.  I just don't like listening to people and their rules. Anyway, I'll tell you more about my personality. I like metal and rock music, the color black, painting, and playing the piano. I hate the color pink, obnoxious people, rich spoiled people, bullies, and people who follow every single rule. 


My ride to school stopped. I stepped out and once I did, I scowled. Why would you paint a school pink? Pink?! I shook it off and continued to walk to class. Other students would stare, I don't care. It's probably because of my outfit. My out was a black crop t...

Angie_2277 Angie_2277 Mar 31
Oh well obnoxious people, then she probably won't like Tamaki.
give_a_shit give_a_shit May 05
By the first paragraph you know that she's gonna hate tamaki and love the twins😂😂
K0HaN151 K0HaN151 Jan 24
Momo.....omg my huiepop gf...SHES JUST THE CUTEST LITTLE KITTEN EVER X3 don't judge me people
The_CWs_Girl The_CWs_Girl Jul 19, 2016
Run run if you want to live Mizuki DO NOT GO TO THE HOST CLUB!
- - Aug 22, 2016
Me except pink doesn't exist in my world and i play the flute and a guitar
starcat9898 starcat9898 Jan 07
That's me, but instead of playing the piano I play the violin