Spelling || YoonMin

Spelling || YoonMin

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J-Nope By Bangtology Completed

"Dude, don't you know how to spell?"


Completed: 5.31.2016

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ItzMegumi ItzMegumi Apr 24
yes no vkook since i hate it, it's always suprise vkook in other stories im so happy
- - Apr 11
Let me just say I’m so late 
                              Let me also say, 
                              I’m sorry I ship jikook and yoonmin is my rebound cause Yoongi has no one
luckyhonney luckyhonney May 05
a small part of my jikook heart is crumbling from the comments💙
jammyjimin jammyjimin Mar 19
You have to ask hobi that , in English everything he says ends with a “eu”
justhoesuck justhoesuck Apr 01
alright then lol im honestly not a big fan of taekook but i respect any ship
Why does nobody like jikook tho? Respect all ships mah dude. I swear does somebody want to fight with me and prove me wrong that jikook is WONDERFUL?