Freak Week

Freak Week

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Writing With Grace By WritingWith Completed

In this futuristic novella, Lace Heavensmall is trapped at her high school during Freak Week, a global warming side effect that makes weather -- and people -- act completely nuts. 

Written by: Grace Helbig and YOU

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undecided1 undecided1 Jul 21
That's probably the cringiest thing I've heard all day. Remember people! There's only two genders.
xvanessarx xvanessarx May 25
Robo-D.. my mind went straight passed the gutter to the moon. What is wrong with me
His name is Harry and he likes banana's...
                              He his Harry Styles
-serxna -serxna Dec 11, 2016
I WANT ONE SHIH TZU 😍😍😍 my cousin have one but my mom never let me own a pet😭
UltaJayFreak UltaJayFreak Nov 30, 2016
Lmao for me blue hair automatically means he's awsten knight
OriginalFairytale OriginalFairytale Nov 29, 2016
The muttered retorts Mr Kevin makes under his breath make my day😂