My Fake Boyfriend

My Fake Boyfriend

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Kimberly861 By kimberly861 Updated Jun 08

"Nug life," Amber said.
"Exactly, I didn't choose the nug life, the nug life chose me."
17 year old Jasmine, doesn't want a boyfriend as long as she has food in her life. Under pressure, she told the lie of having a boyfriend. Now she's in a big mess for making up a boyfriend she doesn't have.

Jasmine never thought the monster of her childhood would be him.


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Adi324 Adi324 Jul 17
I agree with her Who needs guys when there's food I tell you guys are like a bag of chips A lot of air is less of a carbonated content She adjusted it but then take it down with a little sport but it's just possible knowing we still need and love them
lonewolfiey lonewolfiey Apr 05
HE. ATE.YOUR.CANDYYYYYY? I can not live without it all I'm saying is I would've killed him sooooo
ImsimpIyMe ImsimpIyMe Jul 03
You would think a good mother wouldn't let the person who bullied her kid be around her or tell her to be on her best behavior. What a shitty mom
eatyoureggs eatyoureggs Aug 08
as I read this is was like: okay, okay not so bad just harmless little thi- HE ATE YOUR CANDY! ...
                              Nm I take back everything.
Ellie5976 Ellie5976 Apr 09
That's me, Those things hurt!!! Especially those cursed hands
LoopGirl_12 LoopGirl_12 May 18
I kinda feel you my brother ate my candy too when i was a kid... I cried all day but they gave me ice cream 😍