FT Dragon Season

FT Dragon Season

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FT For The Win By bommel06 Updated Dec 04

Gajeel and Natsu lash out at the guild, they are looking for their mates. No one except for the the dragon slayers know what's going on. The mates are in great danger, they face challenging decisions, run or hide? Regret or accept? In the end, Fairy Tail must protect both the mates and the dragon slayers, consequences come with every choice...... 

(I will not include Sling, Rogue or cobra since they aren't apart of the guild.)

This story will include:

The plot will mainly revolve around NaLu since it's my favourite ship but GaLe will also be included.

I do NOT own fairy tail. All the characters belong to Hiro Mashima

LucyLunaStrauss LucyLunaStrauss 6 days ago
You're Natsu, right? That explains most of it, but not the "My Luce" part. But I know what does!! 3 words for you:
                              Dragon Mating Season!
LucyLunaStrauss LucyLunaStrauss 6 days ago
If I were Gray, I'd use this condition of Natsu's to my advantage. Just nothing about Lucy, though. I'd be dead by then..........
Calli_Bee Calli_Bee Aug 13
No Lucy....
                              THE WORLD IS ENDING!!!!! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!!!