Twin Alphas for The Shy Boy

Twin Alphas for The Shy Boy

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Reading_girl912 By Reading_girl912 Updated Sep 06, 2016

Charlie Painter has been struggling with crippling anxiety all of his life. He finds escape in reading and books. So when he turns 18 he leaves his drunken father and abusive boyfriend to live in Curlew WA. When Charlie and his great dane Hercules move to the small town they open a small library. But he is still terrified of almost anyone that is bigger than him. Charlie is alone and has no idea what his future holds.

Theo and Thamian Davids are twin alphas that have been in training for the past two years. They both have always known that they would have the same mate and has given up on the idea of finding him. So when they move back home and they find a very cute anxious librarian as their mate they are so happy, But what happens when the tough badass alpha twins find out that their mate was abused and is terrified of them. 


  • abuse
  • anxiety
  • boyxboy
  • cute
  • gay
  • mates
  • romance
  • shyboy
  • twink
  • twins
  • werewolfs
All I'm saying is the DoG BeTTeR NoT DiE please I would not be able to handle it😭😂
27_Ryder_27 27_Ryder_27 Sep 12, 2017
My heart broke when I read he dropped the hot chocolate 💔
*cries* that poor poor hot chocolate *wails*😭😭😭😭😭😭
Kotsuki_Akabara Kotsuki_Akabara Dec 15, 2017
Rest In Pease Dear Hot Chocolate, I'll meet you again on my mug with ice.
Snowthewarrior Snowthewarrior Jul 11, 2016
Ducking make sure if that ex boyfriend comes by give him a slow and painful death!!!😠😡😤👿
DarkSnow99 DarkSnow99 Mar 25, 2016
I can't wait to read this. The story plot seems really exciting too.