I Can't Love A Ghoul (Juuzou x reader)

I Can't Love A Ghoul (Juuzou x reader)

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Jessica By pandagirlforeve Completed

Who thought it would end like this?

Who thought you would love a....a human.

Should you reveal the truth? Or should you not?

A/n, I know Juuzou proberly couldn't do what he did in chapter 6 but their needed to be a story and I couldn't think of any other way for anything good to happen, but enjoy anyway! ;)

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Wait like the yellow house secretary at school?! What a coincidence
godhelpme1 godhelpme1 May 03
im sorry if im wrong i havent watched tokyo ghoul in a long time but cant u just eat dead corpses
Don't kill and don't b killed , that's the best way you could live 
                              Lolol flowey;;;;
I have a hazely green colour and it’s hard to explain but my girlfriend has beautiful (and sometimes scary >_<) icy blue eyes. ^0^
If I was a ghoul, I would target people such as murderers and rapists. 
                              But it appears I’m the only one in the comment section who is not claiming to be a sociopath to sound edgy. 
Nekololo Nekololo Apr 18
I really read "It was nice to meet you Shitbag!"... Oh god I need to calm down