I Can't Love A Ghoul (Juuzou x reader)

I Can't Love A Ghoul (Juuzou x reader)

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Jess #eaglesquad By pandagirlforeve Completed

Who thought it would end like this?

Who thought you would love a....a human.

Should you reveal the truth? Or should you not?

A/n, I know Juuzou proberly couldn't do what he did in chapter 6 but their needed to be a story and I couldn't think of any other way for anything good to happen, but enjoy anyway! ;)

OMG don't wanna be mean but......
                              IT'S TOUKA NOT TOKU OMFG!!!!!
Its-Saige Its-Saige Aug 10
Wait a minuter  *checks pockets* NIGGA WHERE MY WALLET AT HOE!
Kab00m_Stix Kab00m_Stix Aug 27
I'm such a baby. Jesus Christ I could kill my own mother and not give two shits.
Everybody talking aboyt toku i just wanna know WHO GO PICK ME UP IF I START WAORKING GEEZUS
That should be opposite...In Japan, Surnames come before first names. Therefore Kaneki's name would be introduced as Kaneki Ken. Kaneki being his SURNAME, Ken being his First Name.
Anahatse Anahatse Jul 12
Well, of course it was a very grown up answer because SHES FRICKIN 14