Make Love to a Killer [L.H]

Make Love to a Killer [L.H]

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• Dickhead • By LukeAtMeAshton Updated Nov 26, 2017

"No, no no." you breathed out, at a loss for words. It couldn't be, could it? Out of all the people within the city that would be at the exact same club at the exact same time as you, it just had to be a coincidence that HE was there. 

Just a coincidence, right?

Hesitantly, you turned around, fearful that your definite expectations were true. 
God, of course they were true - you were certain you could recognise that wicked taunting laugh anywhere now, you'd heard it often enough. 

And the sight of the tall blonde leaning against the door frame only made your stomach drop further, sickened and sore. "No fucking way."

"Well, baby, I was just as shocked as you." Luke chuckled darkly, his arms crossed over his bare chest, the full broadness of his shoulders on display. His signature smirk was placed nastily on his lips as he shamelessly let his eyes trail up your body. But you didn't have the ability to even make a snarky comment to him as all muscles in your body were malfunctioning and seizing out of pure astonishment.

Your eyes remained on his face as he let out another low laugh, before speaking his next words, words that made your heart halt, the blood in your veins seeming to freeze over.

"Weren't you ever taught to never fuck a killer, princess?"
  The lawyer was young and had the seemingly perfect those that didn't know her. She had her dreams, but she just wasn't living them.
  The criminal was arrogant and hotheaded, living a deplorable life that was frowned upon by most. He was living his desired lifestyle... or so he thought.
  But when the supposed unfortunate pathways of the two cross, doubts are had.
  One Reckless Night. One Stupid Mistake. Everything Changes.
 ** This book contains frequent use of explicit language, violence and reference to sex.
  © LukeAtMeAshton 2016 All Rights Reserved.

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that0neidi0t that0neidi0t Jul 14, 2017
That's never something that came (hehe came) up in conversation, no
zaynmaliksgirl1997 zaynmaliksgirl1997 Nov 10, 2017
Oh god... is this a certain blonde hair, blue-eyed young man?...
Harmybaby Harmybaby Jun 08, 2017
I'm sketched because I have a brother with the same exact name
queeenroux queeenroux Dec 28, 2016
It's only the first chapter and it's already soo lit oml 😍
Colleen_hemmings Colleen_hemmings Jan 28, 2017
Okay this is creeping me now, my brother is on jail and he is 24 years old
sneezyluke sneezyluke Jan 25, 2017
i love how detailed this is im so excited to read the next 14 (and hopefully even more) chapters