Shades of Night (A Deadly Beauty #1)

Shades of Night (A Deadly Beauty #1)

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Amy By elphadora Completed

Herbs can heal and herbs can kill.
	So far, Aspen only has experience with the former. When she is wrongfully arrested for selling poison to assassins she can feel the world she has so carefully built come crashing down around her. A glimmer of hope turns into a deal with the devil when the infamous guild of assassins comes to her rescue. They offer her a contract---join the guild as a courtesan assassin or be left to execution. 
	Suddenly, Aspen is thrust into a dark but alluring underworld---one full of life, death, and passion. She is no longer dealing with the beauty of deadly things. This is a world where you kill or be killed, and when the shadow of a revolution begins to rise, Aspen will have to decide just how far she's willing to go into the dark depths of her kingdom to save those she loves.

*Mature sections with be noted with a warning, although I'm pretty sure there will only be two in the entire book, so don't let that trip you up :) *

Cover by @seventhstar

You begin two sentences with a verb clause. Some readers might see that as repetitive and disruptive to the flow of the story and some might not.
Vaughnja Vaughnja Sep 05
Wow, love it! This was great as a first chapter. I liked how it began with the strange events at night and ended in the morning with such a dramatic conclusion. Loved how you showed the relationship and personalities of Aspen and Grace, very good contrast! :) I'll definitely keep reading.
                              Maybe another word would be better suited here...?
                              It eludes to Aspen not understanding herself?
akaluv99 akaluv99 Nov 24
Hey! I thought I would switch things up and check out this story, too. Is this some of your earlier work? I noticed that your writing style is different from the other book.
You have a great story line so far, i love how your characters are pretty different from each other, containg their own unique personality. I also loved how you put a small cliffhanger at the end so that people would be wanting to read the next chapter. Great job!
For the first chapter this is quite intriguing. You definitely know how to keep a story going and you also know exactly how much mystery to wrap the story in in order for your readers to keep coming back for more. Great start, look forward to reading more exciting chapters such as this.