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Gone Too Far (Police Officer/Delinquent Relationship)

Gone Too Far (Police Officer/Delinquent Relationship)

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⒮⒜⒭⒜⒣ By xWorkInProgressx Completed

"Maisie?" I kept my face hidden as I remained in the fetal position on the floor. "H-hi," I stuttered in a shaky voice. "What are you doing here so early? I was expecting you later." "I--I uh slept here last night. Snuck in when the janitor was cleaning up." "You gotta stop getting yourself in trouble, Maisie. You can't just break in." "I-I'm sorry." "Get off the floor." "I can't. I mean, I can, I just--- could you help me up?" I asked quietly. "Why?" He asked hesitant. "Just help me up, Levi." I hissed, a tad agitated now. "It's a simple command." "Answer this first. Why can't you get up yourself?" "No more questions." I pleaded, "Just help me. Please." Levi sighed and made his way over to me. I held out my bruised arms so he could help me up by grabbing hold of my hand but he did no such thing. Instead, his hands cupped my elbows and he slowly rose me to my feet. Half way, I had to stop. I was in excruciating pain. "Please, stop!" I screeched. "Maisie?" Levi asked worriedly. I bit my bottom lip roughly as I tried to get through the pain. "I'll be f-fine, just don't let me fall." "I won't.. I promise." I nodded and reached out to hold onto his arms that held me up. "Okay. I'm okay now." Levi helped me to my feet then took a step back. He knew something was off. I took off my hood that shielded my face and revealed the damage. My face was covered in claw marks, and I had a few maturing bruises on my face. It looked like I had been in a severe accident, but in reality this was no accident.  *** Walking away use to be instinctual, something I did without much thought. And now I am questioning if I can. I shouldn't be so selfish but none of this was supposed to happen.  There was no intent of being in a relationship like this.  Not with a police officer. Especially my arresting officer.

thisbishbruh thisbishbruh Nov 20, 2014
but I loved someone and lost them and I haven't been couping well ..........