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Hiedie Perry By Kyotski Completed

The #1 book of my self-written free-verse poems. Started writing this album in March 2016 and it was doing generally okay, up until September 2016 where things really blew up. This book entered the Top 10 and stayed there for 200+ days. Sitting at #2 for 2 weeks until it finally peaking at #1 for 36 days!

This book is my most successful one yet and has set me a place in Wattpad. I really love this book, with all my heart and all my hard work has paid off. This book contains short pieces that are bound to leave you crying, broken and sometimes, determined.

Best Male Poet - 2016 Poetry Awards by @Baby_Day_Dreamer

_intruder_ _intruder_ Apr 24
This made me cry. This poem is fully of passion. Loved it so much I can't tell. Lol
elchizzy elchizzy 2 days ago
Beautifully written
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Love this Book of yours ... 
                              Once try reading my book I have put my personal thoughts together
proud of all the recognition you've received this book! the book, and you, deserve it.
i'm that one person who immediately thought 'LET THE BUTTERFLIES GO'
Heartbreaks, it's hard. But you have to let go if the other does not love in return. Sigh!