365 Question of the Days

365 Question of the Days

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♕ By moonlightwalk Updated Sep 01, 2017

     "Curiosity is the most powerful thing you own"   
                                A question a day

          You're probably asking yourself why
          you should bother answering  a bunch  
         of random questions for 365 days, right? 
             Well, the real question is, why not?
                              Just give it a try.  

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verns_comb verns_comb Jun 01, 2017
Attractive and die in a year I don't want to be immortal lol
xmiishux xmiishux Dec 17, 2017
Live forever would be boring and sad so I'd rather be attractive
laylarulesalot08 laylarulesalot08 Oct 24, 2017
Attractive not because I’m pretty cause I love ma body but because I would want to live forever it would be boring
SurrealMozartGod SurrealMozartGod Jul 23, 2017
I don't want to live forever, everyone you know is mortal. Eventually, you'll just be all alone.
PuffinRainbow PuffinRainbow Jan 16, 2017
                              Maybe you'll like this book? Maybe not? But eh! Hope you enjoy this book!
                              (Btw thanks Galaxy~Chan!! (@GalaxyX3x))
baby_gogo_ baby_gogo_ Feb 23, 2017
heyyyy MB this is ghalia ur bff if u didnt know i found ur account hehehe . not gonna do anything crazy i promise