365 Question of the Days

365 Question of the Days

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♕ By moonlightwalk Updated Sep 27, 2016

     "Curiosity is the most powerful thing you own"   
                                A question a day

          You're probably asking yourself why
          you should bother answering  a bunch  
         of random questions for 365 days, right? 
             Well, the real question is, why not?
                              Just give it a try.  

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thetomnjerryshow thetomnjerryshow Dec 06, 2016
Forever is a very long time........ 😕 I'll be bored before anybody could finish saying Disneyland 😂
Thingamajiga Thingamajiga Oct 30, 2016
Attractive and die in a year. Who would want to live forever, you would watch as everyone you love die around you. Every. Single. Time
                              Maybe you'll like this book? Maybe not? But eh! Hope you enjoy this book!
                              (Btw thanks Galaxy~Chan!! (@GalaxyX3x))
-daddykink- -daddykink- Oct 21, 2016
attractive and die in a year
                              i wouldn't want to live forever
WaddleALot WaddleALot Dec 31, 2016
I'd rather be attractive and die in a year, simply because I don't want to see my family die. I just hope it won't be painful.