Cinderella's Stepsister [Book 2] || Kim Taehyung

Cinderella's Stepsister [Book 2] || Kim Taehyung

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I was in coma for six months..

I woke up finding out that Kim Taehyung, the boy whom I thought had been protecting me from the bullies, doesn't exist in my life.

Everything that happened were just dreams..

A really long dream..

Moreover, people said that I almost committed suicide...and ended up in a coma..

Then, I met him...

A guy who looked like Taehyung...

Who sounds like Taehyung..

If he never existed in my life, how come he's here in reality..

STARTED: 3rd July 2016
ENDED: 26th December 2016

itssarajin itssarajin Feb 07
It's like the last book, but taehyung and chaeerin have switched places basically
fayededblue fayededblue Feb 15
If i was her i wouldve started bawling my eyes out when i read his name tag
CoronaIsabelle CoronaIsabelle 4 days ago
Oh my god. This is what he was talking about. Him being the hated one. I'm gonna cry.
CoronaIsabelle CoronaIsabelle 4 days ago
Thank you for writing such sweet notes and making great fanfics that make people drown in their own tears.
kaaarrreeen kaaarrreeen Feb 05
He is just like her, wtf I don't even know what's real anymore
The first book was really and still is enjoyable! Now I can finally read the 2nd book! 😊👍🏻