Chiba x Reader

Chiba x Reader

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Show some love for this guy <3 

I don't see Chiba x Readers, so why not make one? :D 

Enjoy and share and jump into the rainbow mud of fangirling-ness. (Is that even a word? Meh, just read it lol)

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Me:*sigh* I think I'm betraying my main OTP in the series by reading this book
                              Also me: *squeals* OMG this is so rare! Chibaaaa!
Karma stop this is a Chiba X reader stop making me fan girl over you.😍☺️😆
Thanks karma........*looking at the bag* DID YOU DO SOMETHING TO MY CADDY?!?!?!?!?!
InuYasha226 InuYasha226 May 05
LIKE A BOSS!! and high fives all around  *Wapoosh Wapoosh* And I'll See All You Dudes IN THE NEXT...... Fanfiction??!!
KarmaIsKillerBae KarmaIsKillerBae Dec 18, 2016
Koro sensei: nu Ru fu fu fu fu what drama this'll be great for my book
                              Nakamura: I have the pictures
Himeragi_Akabane Himeragi_Akabane Dec 19, 2016
Awww~~~~Thats soo nice of karma. *thoughts* Better not have poison in it.. XD