Me Of All People ⇣ Suga X Reader

Me Of All People ⇣ Suga X Reader

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『 j⃠i⃠a⃠n 』 By -jianeri Completed

" dear bts,

it's the right time for one of your members to enjoy romantic activities for once, right?

we are giving the honour to your hardworking member, min suga to enter the hit show 'we got married.'

we've brought you a cell along with this note, why don't you text your bride? "

                                                                                        " this is bull, it's not true!"

in which a tv show lets one trigger feelings for another.


a min yoongi reader insert.


  started: march 26, 2016
  ended: june 18, 2016

  [highest ranking: ranked #310 in fanfiction]

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AddyGalaxy AddyGalaxy Jan 05
When life gives you lemons make orange juice and have the world wonder how the hell you did it! 
                              (I say that a lot 😂)
bambiestories064 bambiestories064 2 days ago
I must say, people like that annoy me so much. Like it's not that hard to be somewhere on time.
user46321508 user46321508 Dec 29, 2017
What is wrong with black? Thats the only color I have in my closet.
I’m only and inch shorter than Suga...Oh wait, I’m Jimin’s height
CinnamonSmol707 CinnamonSmol707 5 days ago
I'm suddenly scared because soogi is the name of one of my OC's