(Book Three) Innocent {CLP SERIES}

(Book Three) Innocent {CLP SERIES}

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"The way, he cackled while he was hitting, slapping, punching, kicking me, it was like he was getting pleasure from it."

Harry and Christella Potter are dreading Aunt Marge's visit in the next coming days.  After she insults Harry and Christella's parents, Christella 'accidentally' blows Aunt Marge up. Before poor Christella has to cop it, again, she and Harry pack their bags to run away.  

They soon learn that escaped prisoner, mass murderer, Sirius Black is on the loose, looking for Harry and Christella. After many new discoveries, and one rather disturbing one, who is really innocent?

horselove55 horselove55 Sep 05, 2016
Im just gonna say i love how her eyes glow its really pretty
Where is the second book? I couldn't find it? So either I'm blind or...
The_pale_moon_tree The_pale_moon_tree Sep 08, 2016
Amazing I just started the series from an hour or so and now I'm reading the third book because you are amazing
RavenClawPrincess101 RavenClawPrincess101 Oct 09, 2016
Awwww!!!! It's  not weird me and my brother say I love u to each other all the time alright,
LaurenBenjamin LaurenBenjamin Dec 27, 2016
I find it adorable.... except for the fact that he's doing it cuz she's covered in blood....🙄
SienaRT SienaRT Jun 21, 2016
All of you are just like what? And I'm like awwwww because I think it's just adorable